corporate health WORKS – Real Wellness, real savings.

It’s a fact. Employee healthcare costs follow employee health risks. We can help you make the right changes to create substantial differences in your workforce—and your P&L.

It starts with our relentless passion and proven success in transforming the health and vitality of your workforce. Adding to that, we provide an approach from the global leader in proactive health, with an emphasis on your high risk and pre-Medicare population, which offers remarkable results.

Bottom line? Smart rewards for you and your entire organization:

Cost Neutral Implementation

Through our benefit design and consultation experience, the delivery of the Corporate Health wellness process can drive the healthcare savings needed to fund the program and create cost neutral startup through a participation based incentive design.

Just as healthcare cost reduction is dependent upon health risk reduction, so too is risk reduction dependent upon participant engagement.

That’s why we created a five-star service delivery system allowing our health coaches to coordinate with our network of over 300 physicians and nutrition/fitness experts to engage participants.

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